Sarah James

Location: Powys

Destination: The Netherlands, Italy and Northern Ireland

Topic: Alternative uses of poultry manure


Sarah James

Sarah James from Powys will visit the Netherlands, Italy and Northern Ireland

Sarah and her partner recognised the limiting factors of a small beef and sheep farm and recently decided to diversify into poultry production. She has completed vast amounts of research on her chosen topic which is to look at a solution for the waste problem on poultry farms in Powys. She says that Powys poultry farms are producing enough poultry manure to power every home in the county! Sarah is a past member of the Agri Academy.

Sarah's exchange proposal is to find solutions to the waste problem by converting chicken manure into electricity. She is planning visits to the Netherlands – Moerdijk Dutch multi-utility company DELTA - who are processing chicken manure for electricity at a 150 Million Euro plant converting 444,000 tons of manure powering 90,000 homes.  

“I plan to visit the Chimera project in Italy where on-farm small plants convert chicken manure into heat electricity and bagged fertiliser from ash by product.”

Sarah will also visit Northern Ireland to see how Westland Horticulture Ltd process and sell chicken manure pellets for garden fertiliser.


Management Exchange Report: