Abi Reader


Location: Vale of Glamorgan

Destination: Sweden, Ireland and Scotland

Topic: Investigating BVD eradication and Biosecurity 


Abi Reader

Abi Reader from the Vale of Glamorgan will visit Sweden, Ireland and Scotland

Abi Reader is a dairy farmer in the Vale of Glamorgan.  This former Agri-Academy graduate plans to visit Sweden, Ireland and Scotland to learn more about BVD eradication.

Abi is keen to gain a broad spectrum of ideas for on-farm disease control and biosecurity and wants to learn from other countries about how they handle both their communications and control plans.   Her aim is to learn how best to sell the plan to farmers in Wales by finding the optimum mix of channels which could include meetings, social media, markets, milk buyers etc.   She hopes that her own expertise together with additional learning from this exchange visit, might lead to her becoming a mentor with the Wales BVD Eradication Programme. 


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