Hugh Brookes

Location: Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire

Destination: Austria

Topic: Effective management of the Mangalitza pig with a focus on feeding


Hugh Brookes

Hugh Brookes from Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, will visit Austria

Hugh Brookes keeps sheep, pigs and poultry.  He hopes to visit Austria to visit a specialist pig business, Arche De Wiskentale, which  will provide him with an opportunity to learn about the selective breeding, rearing and butchery of the Mangalitza pig breed.

He is keen to achieve a cross mapping of how sources of nutrition for pigs, which include waste products such as used brewers' grains, whey, cheese and volume surplus fruit and vegetables, can be tailored to map onto best practice feeding strategies, by both age and end purpose of pig.

The information gained will have an initial Mangalitza focus, but will hopefully have significantly wider implications for pig rearing in Wales, potentially reducing waste food and landfill. One reason for the decline in pig keeping in Wales, as elsewhere in the UK, has been the rightly introduced legislation covering the cut-offs for what types of human food waste may be fed to livestock. Knowing what waste can be intercepted and also how to use it effectively as substitute feed will be a win on multiple fronts. 


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