Richard Hughes

Location: Pwllheli, Pen Llŷn

Destination: Ireland and France

Topic: Snail farming: market research and farming techniques


Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes from Pwllheli, Pen Llŷn, will visit Ireland and France

Beef and sheep farmer Richard Hughes hopes to visit Ireland and France to learn more about the processes and skills needed to successfully farm snails. He hopes his visit will give him the knowledge and confidence he needs to consider setting up his own snail farm. 

He is particularly interested in the potential for sales, and wants to know how the most successful snail farmers market and promote their businesses in their home countries and also in terms of exports. The practice of snail farming is more advanced and widespread in these countries, especially France, than it is in the UK.

Richard has set his sights on emulating the success of Irish snail farmers whose product Gaelic Escargot, grew gradually and now generates a significant income. This company exports their products to Europe but have also proved that there is a local market for snails.


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