Gethin Owen

Location: Betws-yn Rhos, Abergele

Destination: France

Topic: Identifying efficiencies within French beef & sheep production / Study of methods used to mitigate soil degradation & improve production under marginal conditions


Gethin Owen

Gethin Owen from Betws-yn Rhos, Abergele, will visit France

Sector: Beef and Sheep

Details of the exchange:

An exchange to France, the EU country with the biggest and most varied agriculture sector. It has some of the best agricultural research organisations in the EU, along with a tradition of promoting innovation and entry into the industry for young people.

Why did you apply for the Management Exchange?

I am looking for an opportunity to learn more about agriculture in France and gain an insight into the ‘heart’ of the system, learning what makes a successful business there and witness new ideas that I can implement at home.

What are you hoping to gain from participating in the Management Exchange?

To visit a progressive farmer who is eager to share knowledge and with good contacts in the agricultural network in mid-France.

To possibly implement the ‘Charpentier’ system on mixed farms in Wales with a permanent cover crop in the rotation, which can be used to fatten cattle and sheep. I grow corn and red clover at home as part of the farm’s rotation, but the conventional method of tending the land means high cost and a danger of soil deterioration.

I would like to learn how to improve the efficiency of producing red meat in Wales through genetics, grassland management and production systems.

There is a strong collaborative mindset in France, therefore it will be an opportunity to see how different models of co-operation work, such as marketing and sharing machinery, and to find out what we can learn from the French to work together better in Wales.

To learn about strategic activities that promote innovation in agriculture in France.

Management Exchange Report