Lucy Allison

Location: Rhoshill, Cardigan

Destination: Ireland

Topic: Looking at breed and grass production to increase milk solids produced per cow and per hectare


Lucy Allison

Lucy Allison from Rhoshill, Cardigan, will visit Ireland

Sector: Dairy

Details of the exchange:

Ireland has invested a lot into research within their dairy industry. I believe we can learn a lot from them, as they have a similar climate and conditions to us.

Why did you apply for the Management Exchange?

It is an excellent opportunity to travel whilst learning about the industry that I’m passionate about. It also provides opportunities for knowledge transfer back to farms in west Wales, who can benefit from the research done at Teagasc.

What are you hoping to gain from participating in the Management Exchange?

During my visit I hope to understand specific key performance indicators which have been implemented at a dairy farm project and the results which have been achieved. The project looks at providing family dairy farms with the necessary skills and technologies to deliver satisfactory financial return on the resources employed on their farms and to provide them with the technical resources and confidence to undertake profitable expansion of their dairy business.

Specific targets to be looked at include increased milk solids production per cow, per ha and per farm, overall farm profitability, the use of high EBI genetics, herd health control programmes and the use of weekly management notes. From this information I hope to improve the sustainable profit and productivity within farm businesses.

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