Red Meat

As a red meat business, you have the below discussion group options available to you.  Being a member of one of these groups will not only allow you to work with industry experts, but it will also encourage peer to peer learning and sharing ideas to allow you to build connections and learn in a dynamic group environment.

Grassland groups will focus on:

  • Managing and optimising farm performance for resilient & productive systems
  • Making best use of grassland to reduce inputs and make best use of on farm nutrients 
  • Minimising external inputs and optimising stocking density for reducing on farm emissions and maximise carbon sequestration 
  • Protect and enhance farm ecosystems by improving soil health and increasing on-farm diversity 
  • Transition farmers toward Sustainable Land Management

Livestock groups will focus on:

  • Improving animal health and performance 
  • Preparing your business for future changes and uncertainty 
  • Promoting and delivering greater sustainability 
  • Implementing positive management practices on the farm

Business groups will focus on:

  • Managing and optimising farm performance
  • Building resilience 
  • Supporting change
  • Financial management 
  • Transitioning towards post Single Farm Payment

Click on the links below to view further details on the individual programme content before completing the application form.

These will be split into Entry and Advanced level groups. Please see the outline topics to decide which would best suit your business.