Forest Coalpit Farm, Abergavenny

Focus Site Project: What effect do different diets have on pork quality?

Aim of the project:

The key objective is to identify the impact of diet on the quality of the pork produced. 

As consumer attitudes are changing, and eight out of ten consumers are now likely to check the origin of their food, having a profile of the pork and knowing the effects different diets can have on the quality could add value to the product and provide pig producers with another unique selling point. The chemical analysis of the pork could be useful for advertising potential health benefits or detriments of one treatment compared to the other. Findings from this project could provide a useful source of information for other pig producers which are considering or already rearing/breeding pigs in a similar manner. 

In addition to improving the pigs’ quality of life, extensive outdoor rearing/breeding of pigs on grassland can have significant environmental and economic impacts on the farm which include:

  • reduced feed costs
  • reduced energy costs (electricity, water etc.)
  • promotion of natural regeneration by foraging in a way that causes soil disturbance and creates seedbeds. 

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