Ceredig and Sara Evans

Erw Fawr, holyhead, anglesey


Key areas you wish to focus on as a demonstration farmer?

Using technology to measure and monitor pasture: Erw Fawr grows grass well but we need to make better use of that grass to reduce the amount of purchased feed we include in the cow diet.

To improve dry cow transition: a lot can go wrong during the transition period so we would like to consider the role of nutrition and management at this important time in the production cycle to improve post-calving performance and calf health.

Erw Fawr Farm Facts


Ceredig Evans 1

“We have been taking steps to become more efficient and want to take it to the next level by putting more precision into the system, to fine-tune our operation and potentially increase yields and profits. Becoming a Farming Connect Demonstration Site is a valuable opportunity to bring in the right people to help us achieve this and to allow others to learn from the trials and projects.’’

– Ceredig and Sara Evans


Farming Connect Technical Officer:
Rhys Davies
Technical Officer Phone
01745 770 037 / 07985 379 880
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