Animal Health and Welfare Training Workshops

Animal Health and Welfare Training
Animal Health and Welfare Training

Do you have a specific animal health disease or issue that is having an impact on not only your stock but your business performance too?

Eligible farmers registered with Farming Connect can book their place(s) at one or more of the fully funded training workshops, delivered by local vet practices throughout Wales.

Workshop topics are aligned with the current Welsh Government Animal Health and Welfare priorities and will include the diseases or issues listed below:

  • Animal Health Planning
  • Antimicrobial and anthelmintic resistance
  • Bovine TB
  • BVD
  • Johne’s disease
  • Lameness in dairy cattle
  • Sheep parasite control
  • Reducing mastitis
  • Reducing pre-lambing losses
  • Reducing post-lambing losses 

Each three hour workshop will give you information and practical guidance on specific animal health issues including:

  • Biosecurity and disease transmission
  • Clinical signs and diagnosis
  • Treatment and control
  • Economic implications

Vet practices throughout Wales:

Vets in Wales map

All clients must be registered with Farming Connect before attending a workshop. Completion of each workshop will be recorded on your continual professional development (CPD) profile and you will receive a Lantra certificate of attendance.

All upcoming workshop dates can be found on the Farming Connect events page.

To see our Privacy Notice for AH&W workshops, please click here.

To apply for one or more of the workshops, you will need to complete an online expression of interest form found here.

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