Eva Build


EvaBuild is based in Newtown in Powys and provides bespoke groundworks and civil engineering to building projects in the area and across the UK. As a business they are experiencing a real shortage of experienced workers applying for jobs and are supporting the campaign in a bid to help address the problem.

Martin Moore, 60 from Newtown works as a foreman and groundworker at EvaBuild. He joined the company in 2011 after working in the building industry for more than 40 years bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills with him.

EvaBuild’s managing director, Nick Evans said “When we talk about skills shortages in Wales it's easy to think the best solution is training young people. That training is essential, but it’s only part of the story.

“In our industry there is a real lack of people like Martin, but a real need for them. They have been in the business for decades and have the skills and experience money can't buy, an incredible work ethic and a way of dealing with challenges that makes them so valuable. They have knowledge they can pass onto the rest of the team, especially those young people coming up behind them.

“When Martin applied for a job with us we knew he would bring so much to the business. He has the kind of skill set that is hard to find and comes from years of experience in the trade.”

Martin trained as a bricklayer 40 years ago and has worked in the construction industry ever since. He says he has worked on everything from laying drains to kerbs and learned by watching and working with others.

“It’s very much about meeting challenges and finding ways around them.” added Martin. “I’m still learning so much now and further adding to the skills I’ve developed over the past 40 years. You meet someone on a job who has found a different way of doing things and you take it on board and share it with the team.

“It’s tough, physical work but I have no intention of retiring any day soon. My work keeps both my mind and body fit and healthy and I still enjoy the whole building process from digging and laying the foundations to the satisfaction of seeing the final build. There is huge satisfaction in creating things that last – to leave your mark by building things that will be there long after you're gone.”