European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Wales Projects

EIP Wales is providing funding to 46 projects from across Wales which are trialling innovative techniques and technologies at a practical level within farming and forestry businesses. There are over 200 farmers and foresters involved in our projects, and each group is also made up of a variety of different people, from advisers, researchers, businesses and NGOs. By bringing people together with different expertise it creates a great opportunity to draw from different experiences, introduce new ideas and use the latest knowledge to tackle problems. Our role is to share the results with the industry so others can also benefit from these projects. 

Below you will find European Innovation Partnership (EIP) projects that are related to diversification.

Feasibility study on Squill Production in North Wales

Innovation Broker: Elaine Rees Jones (AgriPlan Cymru)

Night milk - assessing the reliability and economic benefit

Innovation Broker: Russell Thomas (Kite Consulting)

Investigation of the effect of contrasting dairy production systems in West Wal…

Innovation Broker: Jeremy Bowen Rees (Landsker Business Solutions)

To improve the sustainability of goat meat production in Wales by investigating…

Innovation Broker: Jeremy Bowen Rees (Landsker Business Solutions)

Managing dairy ewes to produce a better outcome for cheese production

Innovation Broker: Geraint Hughes (Landsker Business Solutions)

Introducing fat-tailed sheep to Wales to satisfy UK market demand

Innovation Broker: Geraint Hughes (Landsker)

Establishing trees in dense bracken

Innovation Broker - Helen Barnes (AgriPlan Cymru)

Comparing on-site preservation techniques for fresh Welsh birch sap for use in …

Innovation Broker: Geraint Hughes (Landsker Business Solutions)