Owain John

Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

Living in Maesybont, Carmarthenshire, Owain John runs his own beef and sheep enterprise over 200 acres. Owain has been fortunate to secure the tenancy in his own right to continue to establish his own business.

Admitting to having an undeniable enthusiasm for farming since a young age, from school, Owain naturally went on to study agriculture at college. Gaining valuable knowledge, he now puts his studies to practise managing his own business and in his role as an Animal Health Specialist for a major agricultural supplies company.

Along with being more self-confident, Owain credits his experience in this role to helping develop his understanding of the professional side of the agricultural industry. Owain is now working towards gaining SQP status (Suitably Qualified Person) from AMTRA (The Animal Medicines Training and Regulatory Authority) to further enhance his career.

Focusing on his own business, Owain’s main priority at present is understanding the necessary requirements to making the overall enterprise run more efficiently and profitably. Grateful to have his father’s support with completing day-to-day tasks on the farm since his retirement, Owain hopes to take advantage of the opportunities and this support allows him to dedicate time to his own personal development.

Ultimately, Owain’s goal is to expand the business to a point where his in a position to buy his own farm.

“Being part of the Agri Academy, I’m hoping to listen and speak to industry experts in order to better understand the pressure they’re facing. From this, I hope to have a better grasp on what is required from business owners to ensure that we all work together to make a better future for the next generation of the agricultural industry.”