The UK is due to leave the EU on 31st January 2020.

The UK will enter a transition period after that date until December 2020. The transition period was agreed to allow the UK and the EU to agree a deal on their future relationship.

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Brexit is likely to impact your business whether you trade solely in the UK or import / export. We recommend you plan for change. Advice on business preparation for Brexit and a self-assessment tool is available.

We strongly advise food and drink businesses to read in detail about the many changes which will occur on the day that we leave the EU. Failure to prepare and make the required changes may put your business at severe risk.

Food and drink businesses can access tailor-made self-assessment and advice. To request a diagnostic by the Cywain project, email:

An advisor will then arrange a visit to complete the diagnostic. This will aid your business resilience and ensure that all your business areas are considered before Brexit. Available here.

Up to date information is available at  and here, with additional guidance from HM Revenue and Customs.