New UK Geographical Indication (GI) Schemes

Ensuring pride of place for Welsh food and drink

‘Geographical Indication’ (GI): Such a modest term, but one that literally makes a world of difference when it comes to sharing our pride in the best of Welsh food and drink. Whether consumers seek them out in Wales or around the world, Welsh products with GI status can claim the distinctive quality, authenticity and heritage of their natural place of origin.

Today there are 20 items on the Welsh GI ‘A-list’. From Anglesey Sea Salt to Carmarthen Ham, and from Traditional Welsh Caerphilly Cheese to PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef, with Laverbread, Wine and more, there is a feast of proudly Welsh products, which enjoy coveted EU GI status. In fact, with all the Welshness that goes into these outstanding products, perhaps ‘GI’ should also stand for ‘Genuinely Iconic’!

Room at the top

Food & Drink Wales is committed to expanding the range of Welsh food and drink with the GI quality mark. Welsh Government actively encourages and supports GI applications from all sub-sectors in Wales. In fact, the GI process champions Welsh food and drink products that can tell their stories of expertise, tradition and sustainability, all with a passionate sense of their distinctive origins.

NEW: The UK Geographical Indication schemes

New UK Geographical Indication schemes (UK GI) have been established following the UK's exit from the EU. The new schemes will fulfil our World Trade Organisation (WTO) obligations.

  • food, drink and agricultural products
  • spirit drinks
  • wine
  • aromatised wine

The new UK schemes have new logos and processes for applying and awarding GI status but the designations will remain the same as the current EU GI schemes:

The UK Schemes are open to producers from the UK and other countries

All existing UK products registered under EU GI schemes have automatically been protected under the UK GI Schemes.

Producers seeking protection for new products are now able to apply to the relevant UK GI scheme. For new products, achieving UK GI status, will also be a “stepping stone” for those wanting to go on to apply for EU GI status.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) are the authority responsible for:

  • managing the UK Scheme
  • maintaining the register of GI protected names
  • processing new applications.

For advice and guidance on how to apply to the UK GI schemes and information of the new UK GI logos and when to use them, please follow link below:

Promoting your products at home and abroad

Since 2009 the Welsh Government’s GI scheme has enabled a range of uniquely Welsh food and drink products to join the GI family. Once they've joined, these products benefit from protected status and continual promotional activity both online and at events.

The Welsh Government provides expert advice on how to qualify and apply for a place in this prestigious line-up of original Welsh food and drink. For information about applying for a UKGI or protected status please contact

Meet the Welsh GI family

Find out more about the Welsh GI family below through our interactive map and product profiles