Traditionally Reared Pedigree Welsh Pork

Traditionally Reared Pedigree Welsh Pork (TSG)

As the title of this produce suggests, tradition makes up the DNA of this pork rearing practice. Traditionally Reared Pedigree Welsh Pork is reared using specific traditional practices which are entirely different to conventional commercial systems of production. This Welsh pork is only produced from Pedigree Welsh Pigs – all pigs must be birth notified with the British Pig Association or a pig breeders association and have a Pedigree Welsh Pig herd book. To comply with the traditional practice, the animals must be allowed to grow naturally, be extensively reared and experience minimal stress. This Welsh pork comes from hardy pigs that are extensively reared both indoors and outdoors whilst adhering to a high animal welfare standard. Modern intensive husbandry practices, including teeth clipping, nose ringing and tail docking, are only permitted under veterinary advice and not to be regarded as routine treatments.

Due to the slow maturation and growth rates of the pigs, the pork meat has more time to develop a full, well-rounded flavour. The meat colour darkens when slaughter weight is achieved and there is often a visible marbling of fat which adds a rich, distinctive flavour and eating quality.

Pig farming is a key part of Welsh farming, and using traditional practices breathes life into Welsh farming history as well as ensuring that the animals have the best welfare standards.

Traditionally Reared Pedigree Welsh Pork was awarded TSG status in 2017 for its traditional production methods which clearly marks this produce as distinct from its counterpart meats. This allows us to support the continuation of these farming methods which form a fascinating part of agricultural heritage.

Pedigree Welsh Pork Loin (TSG) with Denbigh Plum Stuffing & Welsh Cider Sauce

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