This land sustains us

We’ve always lived off this land, so we’ve never been short of good things to eat and drink. No big deal. But recently we’ve started to think: actually, perhaps it is...

We’ve been doing this for centuries, generation after generation, in a land of pastures, mountains, orchards, forests and rivers, fringed by a 1,400km coastline. Over the years, we’ve become pretty good at it.

Our food and drink has a deep connection to the landscape, the people and culture. You look after the land, and it looks after you. More recently, we’ve also learnt that we’re part of a bigger picture. In a global ecosystem, things like environmental responsibility, sustainability, traceability and social justice really do matter.

We’ll never be the world’s biggest food producer. Mile-wide wheat fields and palm-oil plantations aren’t our thing. So, we’ll stick with what we’re good at: ethically-produced, high-quality food and drink. Proper food that’s honest, healthy and happy. To learn more about the vision 

To learn more about the vision underpinning our future strategy visit the Strategic Vision  pages of our site. 

Supporting a sustainable food and drink industry in Wales

The strategic vision of the Welsh Government is to build a strong and vibrant Welsh food and drink industry with sustainable supply chains that have a global reputation for excellence and having one of the most environmentally and socially responsible supply chains in the World.

Making the difference

We’ve got all the right ingredients. But it takes skill and imagination to turn them into something really special. These are the people who are making it happen.


It’s about quality, not quantity. Our most distinctively Welsh products have protected status, joining the ranks of the world’s most iconic foods.


Why not try one of our delicious, and distinctively Welsh, recipes? Created with love and care by expert foodies, you certainly won’t be disappointed.