Award-winning, status-protected food and drink that tastes of where it comes from, how it’s made, and the culture that created it.

In a little country like ours, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Wales has racked up hundreds of Great Taste Awards for our products. It’s the most respected global food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers, and a recognition that we’re doing something right.

Wales also has ‘protected status’ for 16 of our most uniquely Welsh products. It’s part of a wider global scheme that celebrates and protects the world’s best regional food: where it’s made, how it’s made, and its importance to our history and culture.

Quality produce, made from the best ingredients, by people who care passionately about what they do – and about the environment that sustains us. A proper taste of Wales.

Learn more about which food and drink from Wales have the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) status. Be it, Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), or Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG), we think they all deserve to be famous for their ‘Genuinely Iconic’ status.


This land sustains us

Here’s where it all begins. A landscape and seascape that’s perfect for growing, catching and raising first-rate ingredients. You look after the land, and it looks after you.

Making the difference

We’ve got all the right ingredients. But it takes skill and imagination to turn them into something really special. These are the people who are making it happen.


Why not try one of our delicious, and distinctively Welsh, recipes? Created with love and care by expert foodies, you certainly won’t be disappointed.