Making the difference


Our food and drink isn’t just part of our history. It’s also part of our shared future: you, us, everyone.

Good food begins with good ingredients, of course. We have our farmers, growers and fishers to thank for that. But it takes people with imagination, skill and courage to do something amazing with all that raw potential.

The basic principles of growing good crops, raising happy animals, and brewing refreshing beer have been around for ever. Now there’s a new wave of chefs, brewers, bakers, distillers and artisan producers out there, busily combining old Welsh traditions with global influences.

We’ve always known the importance of doing it sustainably, so the larder is well stocked for future generations. But now those values seem more important than ever.


This land sustains us

Here’s where it all begins. A landscape and seascape that’s perfect for growing, catching and raising first-rate ingredients. You look after the land, and it looks after you.


It’s about quality, not quantity. Our most distinctively Welsh products have protected status, joining the ranks of the world’s most iconic foods.


Why not try one of our delicious, and distinctively Welsh, recipes? Created with love and care by expert foodies, you certainly won’t be disappointed.