Running your business

Business Wales supports people starting, running or growing a business. This may be advice delivered online, by telephone through our Helpline, or face-to-face, backed up by our Top 10 guides covering essentials like finance, technical support, acquiring commercial skills, business development, marketing, property and location, and mentoring.

Building Business Resilience: Managing & Mitigating Risk Checklist 

Risks will vary between individual food and drink businesses. This is an aide to help you think about different aspects of your business and what risks may impact your business.


The Welsh Government and the Food & Drink Wales Industry Board : Supporting recovery of business from COVID-19 Webinar

The Welsh Government and the Food & Drink Wales Industry Board have just launched a series of priority actions to support the food and drink sector in Wales in it's recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please find the plan here : Covid-19 Recovery Plan

The supporting recovery business from COVID-19 webinar was held on 5 Aug 2020 to discuss the plan.

The Welsh Government and the Food & Drink Wales Industry Board : Supporting recovery of businesses and supply chains from COVID-19 Webinar.  Summary and Q & A.

Keeping records of staff, customers and visitors : test, trace, protect 

Coronavirus is still with us. it is vital that measures are taken to limit it's spread. Guidance issued here.

COVID-19 Innovation Support.

Keeping your business Covid-19 safe and compliant while remaining productive and profitable can feel like a huge challenge. Help is available, at no cost to manufacturing businesses in Wales, through the EU-funded SMART Innovation programme.


The Distance Aware initiative

The Distance Aware initiative has been recently endorsed by the Department of Health and Social Care. The initiative was set up to enable individuals and organisations to politely promote ongoing distancing and respect of individual social space. The initiative is also endorsed by Welsh Government and supported by the Bevan Commission. Badge/poster templates are available to download from site.

Distance aware initiative:

Scenarios where registration may be required when providing food in the community

Guidance describing scenarios during COVID-19 where individuals providing food may need to register as a food business

Test, trace, protect: guidance for employers - Employers' responsibilities to help with coronavirus testing and contact tracing.

COVID 19 - support for business Tool kit - Practical resources to help employers keep their workforce safe at work.

What happens when you get a test for coronavirus (COVID-19) (easy read) - Easy read explanation of when to get tested and what the NHS will ask if you test positive.

Test, trace, protect: process summary -What you need to do to help contact tracing control the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus - COVID 19 - Guidance for food companies

Welsh Government, in Partnership with the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board: National Response to COVID-19

Lesley Griffiths MS Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs supported by the Food Board hosted a webinar on 2 July with over 130 businesses to discuss the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on food manufacturing. The webinar focussed on food businesses operating to high standards to minimise the risk of the workforce contracting and spreading COVID-19 in the workplace. The webinar was very well received. 


Coronavirus Decontamination Services

Response hotline for professional decontamination of offices, facilities, worksites, vehicles, plant and equipment.

Human Resources: Returning to Work After Lockdown 

More and more businesses are preparing for a return to the workplace as government plans around relaxation of social distancing restrictions continue to emerge. This information sheet developed by Corinna Lloyd-Jones, Menter a Busnes’ HR Director, outlines some current topical employment considerations.



An enviable lifestyle here in Wales

Businesses moving to Wales are made to feel welcome - people are friendly, and families re-locating with their companies are buying in to an enviable lifestyle. For a start, Wales offers some of the most competitive house prices in the UK. Then there's the education system – we provide one of the best educational programmes anywhere in the UK. Social activities are among the best available, from music and the arts and theatre to literature, internationally-acclaimed food festivals and major sporting events ranging from rugby and football to international golf and water sports.

Welsh lakes and mountains

The great outdoors

Wales boasts some of the most beautiful countryside, mountains and coastal scenery in the world. The 870-mile Wales Coast Path is unique in being the only public path in the world around an entire country. It is used by walkers, cyclists, wildlife watchers, horse riders and it provides access to fine beaches and areas where enthusiasts of all ages can indulge in their chosen sports and pastimes. Wales also boasts nearly 1,600 square miles of national parks and many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.