The Value of “Welshness”

In response to retailers looking to consolidate their offering of regional produce in 2016, the Welsh Government commissioned robust consumer research to better understand the “Value of Welshness” to the consumer across the UK. This research has been designed with a robust methodology to provide evidence which delivers a strong case for listing Welsh produce in response to what Wales and GB consumers associate with Welsh food and drinks.  


Title Description
Value of Welshness - In-depth research to assess consumer attitudes to Welsh products and branding  Understanding how shoppers perceive Welsh food and drink is critical for
building strong Welsh brands that can thrive in a competitive and dynamic
In this research, we strive to unpick consumer emotions associated with Wales
and their linkages to the food and drink of Wales.
The aim is to understand where the associations are strongest, how the
attributes of Wales can be conveyed by language, branding and packaging
and how Welsh producers can maximise their potential.
Shopper Desire for Welsh Produce Research showed that GB and Welsh shoppers had a very high opinion of Welsh food and drink – saying that they thought it was great quality, natural and fresh. With such strong endorsement for Welsh products, we wanted to test how shoppers really behaved when out shopping, to see whether shoppers preferred Welsh when faced with a choice.
Welsh Food and Drink in Visitor Attractions The study was commissioned by Welsh Government who wanted to better understand the extent of Welsh food and drink provision within visitor attractions in Wales; their reasons for doing / not doing so; and the extent of desire among visitors to buy local Welsh products