About Us

We are the Welsh food and drink industry – and we’re proud of it! We are passionate about food and drink and work hard to support our producers and engage consumers in a way which embraces the environment and sustainability.

Food and drink in Wales - we love our food in Wales

About us

We love our industry!

The food and drink produced in Wales is outstanding, and it competes on the world stage. It’s our intention to keep it that way, and make it even better, supporting our fabulous producers and retailers in their efforts to tempt us with even more amazing creations.

As the Welsh Government, we are committed not just to helping those working in the industry, but to telling the good news story to consumers in Wales and further afield. We’ve already made great strides in showcasing Welsh produce – as our increasing export record testifies.

Passionate though we are in Wales, we are also responsible. Underlying all the work of making and distributing food and drink is a layer of solid policies which give proper prominence to food safety and standards, sustainable development and supporting the drive for food security.


Traditional Welsh recipes

Great Taste Gold Awards 2023

Great Taste Gold Awards 2023

Barriers to Accreditation

Food Safety Schemes (FSSs) are essential to the food and drink industry