Finding a property

Find a property

Cost-competitive property

Wales benefits from a highly cost-competitive commercial property market. There's a choice of industrial and food-grade premises, and we can help you find the property that is right for your business needs in the location that best suits you and provides excellent access to your markets.

If you are already manufacturing on a larger scale, we are a natural choice for processing and other operations, and can help you find appropriate cost-competitive premises in a region with a skilled workforce.

An enterprising move

Within Wales, you might also benefit from Enhanced Capital Allowances if you decide to occupy a property within a designated area.

Welsh Government has established 8 Enterprise Zones, such as those at Deeside, in Pembrokeshire and in Snowdonia, within which these allowances are available. Some Zones are also located within Tier 1 areas, which means that companies locating there can potentially benefit from the highest level of grant aid in the UK.