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Controlled Environment Agriculture

The proliferation globally of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) offers solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing food security in Wales. This prospectus of the CEA sector in Wales sets out our vision and mission for the wider CEA industry. The document details Wales’ holistic offer to investors in CEA and presents a compelling case to choose Wales as a location to invest in CEA over and above other parts of the UK. The prospectus aims to answer all of the questions typically asked by investors and identifies and signposts to all sources of support.

Protected Food Names in Wales

The New UK Geographical Indication schemes (UK GI)

This land sustains us

Here’s where it all begins. A landscape and seascape that’s perfect for growing, catching and raising first-rate ingredients. You look after the land, and it looks after you.

Innovation Centres

Centres of excellence provide technical support and help with product development

Running your business

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Support programmes

Wales provides end-to-end business support – everything you need for business growth

Access to finance

Wales offers the UK's highest level of financial support and grants.

BlasCymru/TasteWales 2021

International trade event showcasing Welsh food and drink to the world

Locating in Wales

If you are planning your next growth phase, there are compelling reasons for developing your business in Wales.

This is a celebration. This is Wales.

Celebrate Welsh Food and Drink

Finding a property

Industrial property or food-grade premises? Wales is highly cost-competitive


Exporting is central to growth for many businesses – but careful planning and preparation are essential to gaining a competitive edge.

Education, Skills and Training

The Welsh Food and Drink industry is one of Wales’s largest business sectors.