Route to market

We aim to boost food and drink turnover in Wales by 30% by 2020, and the Welsh Government’s Food Division is here to help, including developing opportunities for producers to supply the public sector through a Procurement Service used by over 70 public sector bodies.

Food market

Boosting turnover

A 30% increase in food and drink sector turnover by 2020 is the commitment we’ve given in Towards Sustainable Growth: an Action Plan for the Food and drink industry 2014-20. As part of wider proposals to support the sector, it sets out plans to develop more opportunities for Welsh companies to supply the public sector, a market currently worth £74 million. Spending with Welsh companies, both producers and distributors, accounts for £47.1 million of this total, with fresh food sectors such as milk and meat products making up a high proportion.

A National Procurement Service for Food and Drink

Set up in 2013, the National Procurement Service (NPS) brings together the procurement of common and repetitive spend across the public sector on a 'once for Wales' basis.

Over 5 years, 73 public sector bodies in Wales - including local authorities, the NHS, education bodies, police and fire services and Natural Resources Wales - are committed to use NPS contracts and frameworks. 

NPS is bringing the procurement of food within its scope during 2015 and is developing a food strategy to identify what will be done on a sector-by-sector basis to take this forward.