Traditional Welsh Recipes


Green Pancakes


Lavabread Bites

PGI Welsh Lamb

Harrisa-crusted rack of PGI Welsh lamb with pomegranate couscous 

Conwy Mussels MM

Conwy Mussels (PDO) Moules Mariniere 

Vale of Clwyd Plum Tart

The Vale of Clwyd Plum (PDO) Tart with Welsh Perry Glaze

WW Sewin - smoked

Smoked West Wales Coracle Caught Sewin (PGI) with Celeriac Remoulade

Welsh laverbread quiche

 Welsh Laverbread (PDO) & Cockle Quiche

Pedigree Welsh pork

Pedigree Welsh Pork Loin (TSG) with Denbigh Plum Stuffing & Welsh Cider Sauce

WW Sewin

Pan fried West Wales Coracle Caught Sewin (PGI) with Crushed New Potato, Peas & Chorizo

Conwy Mussels tempura

Conwy Mussel (PDO) Tempura with Welsh Laverbread Dip

Rib of beef

Rib of Welsh Beef and roasted potato wedges



Roast leg of lamb

Roast leg of Welsh Lamb with rosemary and garlic




salt-crusted sea bream

Salt-crusted sea bream


Gower salt marsh lamb

Roasted Welsh Lamb racks with buttered samphire 

Pulled pork

Pulled shoulder of pork with cider


Super spicy veggie pizza

Super spicy vegetarian pizza


Welsh lamb cawl

Welsh Lamb Cawl 

Pembrokeshire hasselback potatoes

Pembrokeshire hasselback potatoes

Shoulder of Welsh lamb

Slow honey roast shoulder of Welsh Lamb 

Pan fried pork chops

Pan fried pork chops


Leek and goat cheese tartlets

Leek and goat cheese tartlets


Griddled Welsh beef steaks with salsa verde

Griddled Welsh Beef sirlon steaks with salsa verde


Compote of plums, blackberries and vanilla

Compote of plums, blackberries and vanilla


lamb cutlets

Welsh Lamb chops with fresh mint sauce


Welsh lobster with herb butter

Grilled lobster with herb butter


Lamb with laverbread and herb sauce

Finger-licking lamb with laverbread and herbs


Welsh cockles mussels, bacon

Cockles, mussels, bacon and samphire in cider 

Gin and tonic

 Floral and fruity gin and tonic

Smokey whiskey PGI Welsh beef ribs 

Slow cooked Welsh mutton with ale 

Sausages and Leeks in a Traditional Welsh cider batter 

PGI Welsh Lamb, mint and Traditional Welsh Caerphilly bites 

Pembrokeshire earlies with trout parcels 

Gammon steaks with caramelised apple and Traditional Welsh cider glaze 

Grill mackerel with garlic bean puree and Welsh Laverbread yoghurt 

Duck breast with spiced Denbigh plum sauce 

Beetroot and chocolate vegan cake 

 Parsley and leek soup with smoked chicken


Baked apple and ginger with whisky custard

 Pembrokeshire turkey with sweet potato rosti

 Denbigh Plum, almond and ginger cake

Sauteed mushrooms and parsnips with garlic parsley crumb 

Slow cooked PGI Welsh Beef with leek rarebit scones 

Roast rhubarb, yoghurt and gingerbread

PGI Welsh Lamb noisette with citrus butter and potato cake

Pembrokeshire Earlies and bacon with apple dressing

Cardigan Bay Seafood Tarts

Caramelised root vegetable tart

Venison sausages with leeks and ale

New Quay mackerel supper

Iced honey and orange parfait with blackberries

Welsh beef, leek and rosti potato pie


Scallops and peas with lemon and dulse crumb

Sweet and Smoky Nuts

Jam sponge cakes

Tagliatelle with fish and spiced tomato sauce

Honey and nut spelt breakfast crunch

Trout wrapped in Carmarthen Ham with spinach

Merlyn chocolate cake

Spelt, sunflower and honey loaf

Smoked salmon and avocado bites

Apple and plum with almond crisp


Welsh roast chicken with leeks and bacon


Smoke Trout Salad

Smoked trout salad

Apple ginger muffins

Apple and ginger muffins

Cardigan Bay Crab Cakes

Cardigan Bay crab cakes

Oat and Spelt biscuits

Oat and spelt biscuits

Roast loin of Welsh pork

Roast loin of Welsh Pork with apple and Welsh cider

Welsh toffee

Cyflaith - Welsh toffee

Glamorgan crumble mushrooms

Glamorgan crumble mushroom

Rarebit loaded jacket potatoes

Rarebit loaded jacket potatoes

Welsh beef stir fry

Welsh beef with orange and ginger stir fry

Patagonian black cake

Patagonia black cake

Parsnip soup

Parsnip, apple and cider soup

Slow cooked shoulder of Welsh lamb

Slow cooked shoulder of Welsh lamb with rosemary, lemon and laver

Pear gingerbread pudding

Pear gingerbread pudding

Caerphilly cheese tart

Caerphilly cheese, red onion and pepper tart

Gin and tonic cake

Gin and tonic cake

Baked trout with bacon

Baked trout with bacon

Welsh cakes

Welsh cakes

Glamorgan sausages

Glamorgan sausages

Roast potatoes and bacon

Roast potatoes and bacon 

Welsh rarebit with laverbread and ale

Welsh rarebit with laverbread and ale

Bara brith

Bara brith

Mamgu's rice pudding

Mamgu's Rice pudding

Swansea breakfast

Swansea breakfast