Traditional Welsh Perry

Traditional Welsh Perry (PGI)

‘Perry’ is a word which rings with history and is known for its small-scale nature. However, it is a reviving, not a dying art form in Wales, with over 20 perry-makers scattered throughout Wales who all share their knowledge and expertise through the Welsh Perry and Cider Society.

‘Traditional Welsh Perry’ or “Perai Cymreig Traddodiadol” is made in Wales from first-pressed juice of perry pears from any indigenous and non-indigenous pear varieties grown in Wales using a traditional production method. Traditional Welsh Perry is made from 100% pure perry pear juice. The growing of the perry pears, the production of juice from first press, the fermentation process and final finishing of the perry all happens within the defined geographical area. Notably, the purity of this product is protected as the addition of fruit concentrate, sugars, sweeteners, colour and artificial carbonation amongst other elements is not permitted.

The colour of “Traditional Welsh Perry” typically ranges from pale, almost colourless yellow to dark gold. It has a prominent light or full fruity pear flavour mouth feel balanced with natural sweetness due to the sorbitol content of the perry pears used, and a citrus acidity and delicate fruity aroma.

This drink which is steeped in Welsh history was awarded PGI status in 2017 in order to amplify understanding and appreciation for the artform of Perry making.

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