Cambrian Mountain Lamb

Cambrian Mountains Lamb PGI

Cambrian Mountains Lamb (PGI) was the second new Welsh product to be awarded the highly sought-after UK Geographical Indication Status, following the introduction of the new scheme in 2021. Tradition and community are at the heart of this iconic lamb which is inextricably linked to the majestic Cambrian Mountains.

The Cambrian Mountains stretch over 10% of Welsh land and is a sparsely populated area in central Wales famous for its desolate, historic landscape and natural habitats. A high proportion of the landscape, which is blanket bog, heath, and semi-natural grassland, is recognised to be of European importance for nature conservation.

The Cambrian Mountains Lamb Producer Group was originally brought together by the Cambrian Mountains Initiative, a project inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales to help sustain traditional Welsh upland farms and rural communities. Today, producing lambs in the Cambrian Mountains is challenging and requires skills, knowledge and traditions which have been passed down through the generations. Shepherding is an impressive feat, made easier by the diligent sheepdogs, as it takes place over vast expanses of rough terrain.

Cambrian Mountains Lamb is a seasonal product from traditionally ‘hefted’ flocks that use the old ‘Hafod and Hendre’ system. After a winter in the valley, the lambs are shepherded up to the hills for the long summer grazing on natural pastureland rich in varied grasses and herbs. This contributes to the taste of Cambrian Mountains Lamb and produces a lighter weight, hill lamb. In addition to the lambs’ natural diet, they are produced exclusively from ewes that are predominantly either Welsh Mountain or from other traditional Welsh native hill breeds. This makes for slower maturing lamb which gives more time for its “delicate and sweet” flavour to develop.

Cambrian Mountains Lamb has been awarded PGI status to protect this unique Welsh product and to spotlight its genuinely iconic heritage and tradition.