Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes PGI

Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes (PGI) Pembrokeshire Earlies (PGI)

One of earliest members of the GI family, Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes were awarded PGI status in 2013. These aren’t just any ‘spuds’, they are grown in Pembrokeshire using traditional methods and the natural warming effect of the sea which allows for an earlier start to the growing season and reduces the likelihood of frost. The Welsh Pembrokeshire soil is inherently fertile, free draining and free working.

Cultivating and harvesting these unique potatoes requires a masterful balance of traditional methods and innovation - the practice of growing Pembrokeshire Earlies is both a science and an art. Indeed, local expertise has been passed down through generations of farmers in Pembrokeshire since the 1700s.

Grown directly from the very fabric of the Welsh landscape, these small, bright, potatoes are often hand-picked at the beginning of the season in order to protect their delicate skins. When these potato pockets of Welsh gold are cooked, they have a strong earthy aroma and a smooth, creamy texture.

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