PGI Welsh Beef

PGI Welsh Beef

Welsh Beef was the torchbearer for PGI in Wales as it was the first product to achieve status. This seems a fitting accolade for produce which forms an incredibly important part of Welsh heritage and culture.

Historically the traditional cattle breeds of Wales were predominantly the Welsh Black and Hereford and these breeds remain at the foundation of the Welsh beef industry today. Welsh beef is derived from the traditional breeds of Wales and these breeds crossed with each other or with any other recognised breed.

Our cattle form a key part of the agricultural landscape in Wales. The cattle feed on lush, abundant Welsh grasslands which are in turn fed by the wet, mild Welsh climate. All PGI Welsh Beef is reared on Welsh farmland with high animal welfare standards and full traceability.

We continue to use the Welsh Beef PGI status to protect this outstanding product which is directly linked to the unspoilt natural landscape which Wales has to offer. Governing bodies are in place to ensure that the integrity and authenticity of the meat is maintained. Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) are the guardians of PGI Welsh Beef. HCC is the industry-led organisation responsible for the development, promotion, and marketing of Welsh red meat.

Main Contact: Hybu Cig Cymru 01970 625050