Traditional Welsh Caerphilly / Traditional Welsh Caerffili

Traditional Welsh Caerphilly / Traditional Welsh Caerffili (PGI)

This artisanal Welsh cheese tells a fascinating story spanning hundreds of years. The ‘Traditional Welsh Caerphilly’ which we eat today is based on an unchanged recipe written down by Annie Evans in her notebook in 1907, but which probably dates back well into the 19th century. As you might imagine, producing this cheese requires specific knowledge and skills which have been developed and associated with Wales since the early 19th century and have remained largely unchanged for generations. This cheese is not only linked to tradition, but also to place as it is made only from cow’s milk produced on Welsh farms and is the sole native cheese of Wales.

‘Traditional Welsh Caerphilly/Traditional Welsh Caerffili’ is produced as a flat, round shaped cheese with a uniform consistent creamy white texture. It is a fresh young cheese with a mild, slightly “lemony” taste. This taste will develop on maturity to have a more pronounced, fuller, but still mild flavour. ‘Traditional Welsh Caerphilly/Traditional Welsh Caerffili’ has a fresh cheese aroma and a smooth, close and flaky texture. It is sold as a ‘naked’ cheese which is not cloth bound and is made to be eaten young from 10 days old or can be matured for up to 6 months.

In order to champion the unique history which makes up the DNA of this cheese, it was awarded PGI status in 2017.

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