Gower Salt Marsh Lamb

Gower Salt Marsh Lamb PDO

Gower Salt Marsh Lamb (PDO) was the first new product to be awarded UK Geographical Indication Status, following the introduction of the new scheme in 2021. With its unique story and taste, Gower Salt Marsh Lamb proudly leads the way for quality produce in Wales and the UK.

Gower Salt Marsh Lamb has now joined the ranks of Champagne, Parma Ham and Melton Mowbray Pork Pies by being awarded protected food name status by the European Commission, and the Gower Salt Marsh Lamb name is further protected by the European Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, which is one of three special European Protected Food Name (PFN) designations.

The Gower Peninsula lies to the West of Swansea, jutting out into the Bristol Channel. As a designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, the lambs have been able to graze these unique salt marshes since medieval times, with the area remaining unchanged for hundreds of years.

The challenges of raising lambs in this environment requires specific skills, knowledge and traditions which have been passed down from one generation to the next in the Pritchard family. The Pritchard’s have owned the family farm since the 1950s and in 2004, Dan and Will set up the Gower Salt Marsh lamb company to ensure people all over the UK can sample their delicious produce.

Understanding the tidal ranges of the salt marsh is essential to protect the sheep and lambs against the danger of rising tides. This expert knowledge allows the lambs to roam freely across the marsh with limited farming interference. All the lambs must spend at least half of their life grazing the salt marsh in order to be sold as Gower Salt Marsh Lamb, which ensures that the lambs have an exceptional quality of life.

The marshes provide the ideal natural growing environment for salt tolerant herbs, such as samphire and sea lavender. Allowing the lambs access to this wonderful herb forage, is what gives Gower Salt Marsh Lamb its delicious flavour - which is “mild, sweet, and delicate with grassy, herby slightly salty fresh notes”.

With its delicious taste and unmatched provenance credentials, it is no surprise that ‘Gower Salt Marsh Lamb’ is sought after by tourists and is highly acclaimed as a niche Welsh delicacy by food critics and chefs.

Main contact: info@gowersaltmarshlamb.co.uk