Anglesey Sea Salt /Halen Môn

Anglesey Sea Salt /Halen Môn (PDO)

‘Authenticity’ is a word which is often over-used, however when it comes to Anglesey Sea Salt and Halen Môn, there is no other way to describe this innovation. In 1997, Alison and David Lea Wilson boiled Anglesey sea water on their Aga and unknowingly initiated a hugely successful company. They are now ambassadors for their globally renowned salt which is completely additive free and contains over 30 naturally occurring trace elements and minerals.

Today, Halen Môn is enjoyed around the world by chefs and food lovers who marvel at the unique, flat crystalline flakes and clean taste of the Anglesey sea water, unmarred by any bitterness caused by excess calcium which can occur in other salts. Anglesey Sea Salt is derived from the Menai straits pure sea water which is naturally prefiltered through a sand bank and a mussel bank. As a testimony to the cleanliness of the water, even seahorses from the nearby zoo, which are famously fussy about their environment, take to the waters to breed.

To celebrate and amplify the extraordinary stories behind this proudly Welsh product, Anglesey Sea Salt / Halen Môn was awarded PDO status in 2014. This means that we can protect its status as the only sea salt harvested from the Menai Straits between the Island of Anglesey and mainland North Wales.

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