PGI Welsh Lamb

PGI Welsh Lamb

You can’t get more genuinely iconic than Welsh Lamb. Welsh sheep and lamb farming forms a fundamental part in the history, heritage, and culture of Wales. Welsh lamb is not just a product or a farming practice, it is a way of life and an integral part of the rich Welsh agricultural tapestry. We are seen by the world as the lamb experts and we carry this accolade with pride, having passed knowledge down through generations of family farmers.

Welsh lamb is derived from the unique hardy local sheep breeds, predominantly the Welsh Mountain, Welsh Mules, Welsh Halfbreds, Beulah, Welsh Hill Speckled Face, Lleyn Sheep, Llanwennog, and Radnor. Wales provides these sheep with abundant grazing and the freedom to roam the rugged mountain tops and luscious valleys. All PGI Welsh lamb is reared on Welsh farmland with high animal welfare standards and full traceability.

Our lamb was one of the first products to be awarded PGI status in 2003 and we continue to use this status to protect this outstanding product which is directly linked to the unspoilt natural landscape which Wales has to offer. Governing bodies are in place to ensure that the integrity and authenticity of the meat is maintained. Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) are the guardians of PGI Welsh Lamb. HCC is the industry-led organisation responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Welsh red meat.

Harrisa-crusted rack of PGI Welsh lamb with pomegranate couscous

Main Contact;- Hybu Cig Cymru 01970 625050