Single Malt Welsh Whisky PGI

The first UK and Welsh sprit to receive GI status, ‘Single Malt Welsh Whisky’ is recognised nationally and internationally as being a quality product with a distinct style.

This liquid gold epitomises a strong sense of place and provenance, with all production processes taking place exclusively in Wales:

  • Mashing/Brewing
  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Maturation
  • and Bottling

The availability of a plentiful supply of water is essential in whisky production for all stages and Welsh water enjoys a global reputation for both its abundancy and its high quality. All water used in ‘Single Malt Welsh Whisky’ must be sourced from “Welsh origin”.

‘Single Malt Welsh Whisky’ is a whisky made exclusively from malted barley from a single Welsh distillery and is produced as a batch process. It can be distilled in single pots (with or without a column) or in pairs of pot stills. This process typically produces a ‘new world’ style spirit that is lighter than more traditional, heavier styles of whiskies. Its “lightness of character” is a key point of difference which has been recognised in global whisky markets and has won multiple awards and much critical acclaim over the last 15 years.

The mild maritime Welsh climate produces an even maturation creating a smooth tasting and mellow product which varies in colour from light gold to dark amber. This colour development is also influenced by the flexibility of Welsh distillers to experiment with their ‘wood strategies’ to produce innovative whiskies.

Wales’s whisky industry has expanded rapidly in recent years, (since the revival and relaunch of a ‘Single Malt Welsh Whisky’ product by Penderyn distillery on 1 March 2004) and the demand for ‘Single Malt Welsh Whisky’ is increasing year on year. ‘Single Malt Welsh Whisky’ makes a significant contribution to the food and drink economy of Wales and is now one of Wales’s most influential exports, currently being exported to over 45 countries. ‘Single Malt Welsh Whisky’ combines the long heritage of whisky production with an innovative approach to distilling, offering a broad range of flavours and styles. Welsh whisky production is also important for tourism with all current Welsh distilleries open as tourist attractions.

Single Malt Welsh Whisky – Protected Geographical Indication status
Single Malt Welsh Whisky – Protected Geographical Indication status