Future Strategy & Planning for Food and Drink in Wales

Creating a new strategy and action plan to support the industry after 2020.

Outcome of initial engagement exercise

The Welsh Government and the Food & Drink Wales Industry Board have begun work on producing a new joint action plan of action to support the Food & Drink industry in Wales.


Following a number of consultation meetings with stakeholders who have an interest we have identified a number of common messages that stakeholders would like to address with several broad themes coming through  around ‘Growing our Businesses’; Promoting Wales the Food Nation and ‘Benefiting our People and Society’.


The following paper provides further information.



This is a close collaboration between industry and government to ensure that our future actions after 2020 will empower our businesses to succeed.

This will follow the achievements of the current plan, ‘Towards Sustainable Growth’, with its aim of growing industry value to £7 billion by 2020.

The Food & Drink industry has also been recognised as a Foundation Sector for support in the Welsh Government’s wider plan for the Welsh economy; ‘Prosperity for All’.

Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary.

Food and Drink is a foundation sector for Wales and now more than ever, it is important that we ensure the industry is strong and robust to thrive in a post-Brexit world. It is also important that businesses have the capacity, support and resources in place to make the most of their opportunities to grow.

That is why we have already begun work on a successor Food and Drink Action plan, working collaboratively with the Board. I would encourage anyone with an interest in the future of the sector to share their views with us over the coming months as we develop our proposals further.

Andy Richardson, Chairman – Food & Drink Wales Industry Board.

The Board is committed to engaging with Welsh food and drink businesses, with a strong focus on growth, innovation and adding value.

We are looking to refresh our activities in order they remain relevant and flexible to respond to the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Above all we want to drive the continued growth of the sector and reinforce Wales’ position as a leading provider of healthy, nutritious and exciting food and drink.

We need to hear from as many voices as possible.

It is essential to us that our work is relevant and well informed. We invite you to tell us your views and ideas of what the Food and Drink industry should be in 5 to 10 years after 2020, and what we need to do to get there.

Please refer to our engagement leaflet and respond using our pro-forma:


By email to: FoodandDrinkConsultation@gov.wales.

By post to: Food & Drink Policy Team
Welsh Government
Rhodfa Padarn
Llanbadarn Fawr
SY23 3UR

General Data Protection Regulations

Any personal details that you provide as a part of our engagement will be held by the Welsh Government under the General Data Protection Regulations. Please see attached a copy of our Privacy Notice, including details of how your response will be used and your rights under these regulations.


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