Gareth, Edward and Kate Jones

Cefngwilgy Fawr, Llanidloes


Key areas you wish to focus on as a demonstration farmer?

Gaining a better understanding of our soils and silage: we are not heavy users of purchased feeds but want to reduce the amount we do use by growing high quality grass.

Performance recording: using technology to establish which animals perform the best in our system and making decisions based on that data to increase the efficiency of our business.

To consider the value of poultry manure as a fertiliser: with a high concentration of poultry farms in this part of Wales we want to explore how we might use the by-product of this to reduce the use of purchased fertiliser.

Cefngwilgy Fawr Farm Facts


“We want to keep Cefngwilgy as a traditional beef and sheep farm but to do that we have to make sure that the farm is performing at its very best. By working with Farming Connect as a Demonstration Site we are willing to try new ideas to help us achieve that goal and by sharing that information with other farmers it could lead to improvements in their own businesses too.’’

– Edward and Kate Jones.


Farming Connect Technical Officer:
Lisa Roberts
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07985 155 613
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