Action Plan

Towards Sustainable Growth - an Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry 2014-2020

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Action Plan

Strategy and Policy

We want to make people passionate about Welsh food and drink. But we also need to achieve that responsibly – so we prioritise food safety and standards, sustainable development and support the drive for food security.


Food for Wales, Food from Wales 2010:2020 - Food Strategy for Wales

Food for Wales, Food from Wales sets out a wide ranging vision of the place of food in Wales, outlining a clear direction for the Welsh food industry to grow in a sustainable and profitable manner over the next 10 years.

Download a copy of Food for Wales, Food from Wales 2010:2020 - Food Strategy for Wales

Food and drink sector economic contribution to Wales

The Food and Drink Action Plan states an ambitions target to achieve growth for the sector of 30% by 2020. In light of these targets research is being undertaken to investigate how individual sub sectors which contribute to the wider food and drink economy are performing. From this an industry baseline will be developed and used to monitor trends and track changes in the sectors going forward. This will yield a greater understanding of how specific sub sectors in the Welsh food and drink sector are growing and performing.  

For more information visit the Food Security website.

With food safety comes consumer confidence

We know that if we’re to ensure consumer confidence in our products and services, the reputation of Welsh food and drink goes hand in hand with improving food safety and standards.

We all need to play our part in ensuring the food chain in Wales delivers high quality, safe and sustainable food and drink, and the Welsh Government is at the forefront in ensuring food safety.

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Sustainability drives us

Sustainable development is our driving force for the food and drink industry in Wales. We aim to grow the sector by 30% to £7 billion by 2020, striking a balance between feeding our own population and exporting our produce, and always being mindful of environmental impacts. The sector significantly influences economic regeneration, the health and well-being of communities, road and rail infrastructure, environment, education and transport. It employs 170,000 in the food chain. The sector must grow sustainably and profitably.

Food Security – playing our part

The world's food problems are also our problems. With the world population expected to rise 50% by 2050, ensuring there is enough food to meet this expansion is a major global concern. In Wales we are playing our part as a partner and contributor to the Global Food Security Programme, which co-ordinates food security related research in the UK.  We're well placed to respond to food security challenges through 'Towards Sustainable Growth:  An Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry 2014-2020.'

For more information visit the Food Security website.