Welsh food and drink in numbers and the Value of “Welshness”

The Value of Welshness

Value of Welshness


In response to retailers looking to consolidate their offering of regional produce in 2016, the Welsh Government commissioned robust consumer research to better understand the “Value of Welshness” to the consumer across the UK. This research has been designed with a robust methodology to provide evidence which delivers a strong case for listing Welsh produce in response to what Wales and GB consumers associate with Welsh food and drinks. 

Welsh Food and Drink in Numbers

The value of Welsh Food and Drink

Towards Sustainable Growth: An Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry 2014-2020. The Action Plan was launched in June 2014. The key aims are 'to grow sales in the food and drink sector by 30% to £7 billion by the year 2020'. The Action Plan details 48 actions.

Action plan point 12 details a requirement to:

'Improve industry baseline data and fill knowledge gaps through commissioning research, purchasing relevant and credible market, industry and consumer data. This will provide insight and fine tune market development strategy and implementation.'

An economic appraisal was commissioned to address the need for a better understanding of the Welsh food and drink manufacturing sector and to establish a baseline from which the sector in Wales could be monitored during the Action Plan period to 2020.  

Catalogued below is a compendium of data which has been identified as a baseline for the industry. This provides a measure to monitor trends in the food and drink manufacturing sector. This brings together national statistics and other data sets which can be regularly revised and has robust methodology to ensure consistency for future updates.

Welsh Government recognises this is not a complete picture of the scale of the sector and aims to work in partnership with stakeholders from the industry to identify other sources of data to illustrate the sector. This will however act as a means of illustrating change over a period of time as updates are fed into the compendium.

  1. Executive summary – this is the base line year (2014) analysis for the Food and Drinks sector.
  2. 2015 Update of the Sub Sector – This is a compendium of data about the Welsh food and drinks sector and its main sub sectors.
  3. 2015 Infographics.
  4. 2016 Kantar sub sector slides – Kantar is consumer insight data and uses information sourced from a very large UK shoppers panel who record what they buy weekly. These slides show trends in consumer purchasing at the broad sub sector levels and identifies some consumer buying trends in Wales. Externally produced document – available in English only.

Value of Welshness presentation