Our Food and Drink Action Plan recognises the importance of sustainable growth and added value for the Welsh fishing industry, which produces the highest quality fish and sea food. Available to enjoy in Welsh restaurants and exported worldwide, most of it is sourced from small, family-run boats with minimum environmental impact.

Growth and added value  

The key to sustainability of the fisheries industry in Wales is the quest for growth and added value. We are already known throughout the UK and world markets for the high quality of fish and seafood from around our coast. It is cherished in Welsh restaurants as part of our food and drink offering that has a key role in boosting tourism, and worldwide exports also reflect its popularity and quality – and our Food and Drink Action Plan recognises this by addressing the industry's future needs.

Key Facts - Seafood Industry in Wales

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)

The EMFF will support sustainable development within the fishing and aquaculture sectors and the conservation of the marine environment, alongside supporting growth and jobs in coastal communities.

In Wales, the intention is to ensure a strong focus on projects which are clearly aligned to the Welsh Government’s strategic priorities for developing a vibrant, competitive and sustainable fishing sector.

For more information on the EMFF priorities and how to apply visit the Welsh Government website.

Buying seafood in Wales

Innovative’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘award winning’ are just a few words that can be used to describe seafood from Wales. From the lobster pots of Anglesey and the Mussel beds of the Menai to the scallops of Cardigan Bay and seaweed from Swansea, there is something for everyone in Wales.

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Kantar Seafood Snapshot

Landing Obligation

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) Basic Regulation has established an obligation to retain and land all fish that was previously discarded.

For further information visit the Welsh Government website.

Finding more export opportunities

Most fish and seafood in Wales is caught from small, family-run boats operating from often tiny ports around our coastline, with minimal environmental impact. The Welsh Government’s Food Division works closely with the Welsh Fishermen's Association and Seafish Wales to find new export markets for our high quality products. Strong working links are being developed to continue to raise the industry's profile and reputation, and bring added value to these nutritious and versatile foods.

More information on their work can be found at: