The Welsh Government are working hand-in-hand with producers towards a strong, dynamic and market-focused dairy industry. Dairy farmers, milk processors, trade and other support organisations make up a Dairy Task Force which has confidence in the industry's future, and its capability to meet the needs of growing populations and developing markets.

A profitable future

Welsh dairy farmers have the natural resources, the right climate and abundant water to produce high yields of grass, they are world-class, and able to compete with the best on a global scale. 

But the industry needs both volume and added-value, and many processors are already developing new products with export potential. The Welsh Government and the Task Force are fully behind the industry in the drive for more profitability, encouraging farmers to take a mid to long-term view, rather than focusing on short term movement in farm gate prices.

Key Facts - Dairy and Egg Industry in Wales

Dairy Processing Feasibility Study

The Final Report

Building blocks for a successful industry

Several components work together in Wales to build a strong dairy industry. The Dairy Task Force advises Ministers on the industry's strategic direction, developing plans to move forward and to make the dairy supply chain economically and environmentally sustainable. 

A Dairy Road Map has been produced, setting targets for reducing the industry's environmental footprint, and the Dairy Producer Organisations scheme helps farmers gain recognition for the quality of their production.

AHDB Llaeth/Diary in Wales leads a project to improve supply chains, the Welsh Government and AHDB Llaeth/Diary have put in place a Head of Dairy Development whose crucial role is to co-ordinate and build on information and services to Welsh dairy farmers.

For more information visit the AHDB Llaeth/Dairy website.