We're working towards a sustainable horticulture industry that benefits the people and environment of Wales. Defined by fruit and vegetables production, ornamental plants, novel crops and tree saplings, horticulture is growing steadily, and our Strategic Action Plan focuses on key issues like training, sustainable development and improving business performance.


A vibrant horticulture sector is high on the Welsh Government's agenda for developing a sustainable agricultural industry as it delivers a range of environmental, social and economic benefits. The industry is growing -  in 2012 Welsh Government statistics recorded a 50% rise in the number of holdings to more than 500. We must continue to develop efficient supply chains, help businesses improve their performance, improve understanding of, and access to, markets and address training needs so that producers in Wales can hold their own competitively and meet new challenges.

Key Facts - Fruit and Vegetables Industry in Wales


Horticultre Wales

The Welsh Government is working with producers towards a sustainable horticulture industry that helps to service a range of economic, environmental and social needs.  Our Strategic Action Plan focuses on key issues like sustainable development, training, improving business performance and efficiency, and constantly enhancing the quality and reputation of Welsh produce. Efficient supply chains ensure the sustainable production of fruit and vegetables. We are helping producers improve business performance to meet changing trends and customer behaviour, and to foster innovation and learn new skills.

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