As many businesses prepare to slowly re-open one north Wales food outlet has been redesigning its premises to ensure customers feel safe and secure as they venture out to shop.

Bonta Deli is a cafe and delicatessen located in the heart of Caernarfon and, by a strange turn of fate, it celebrated its second birthday on the day lockdown was announced. Like many other similar businesses it quickly had to adapt to a new way of working as the usually bustling town centre dwindled as people stayed at home to avoid catching and spreading Covid-19.

Owner Deborah Sagar said,

“Having realised people couldn’t come to us we decided, like many other businesses in similar situations, we would go to them so we started delivering essential food packs to people in the Caernarfon area. That element of our work has grown over the past months and we are very grateful to our loyal customers.

“We are now however looking to open the shop again as businesses restart but we have naturally changed the layout and the way we operate to ensure customers and staff feel as safe as possible.”   

Bonta Deli operated over two floors with the delicatessen downstairs and café upstairs but it is all change now as Deborah explains,

“We have had to close the café for now and will only serve downstairs – customers can come into the shop to the counter one at a time and we have installed Perspex screens and provide appropriate hygienic cleaning materials for customers. We will have one member of staff serving and another in the kitchen, again adhering to appropriate social distancing guidelines.

“Being located in the middle of town it was usually bustling here during the day but all that trade disappeared overnight. We hope it will return at some point but for the time being we will adapt and continue to serve our customers in the best, and safest, way possible.”

Food and drink businesses across Wales have had to adapt significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic and that is testament to their resilience according to the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths,

The Minister said: “There is no doubt this has been a very challenging time for the food and drink industry, but businesses such as Bonta Deli have shown how they can react quickly and appropriately to a fast changing situation.

“As businesses begin to restart their operations, albeit in very different circumstances, I would like to urge people to continue to support the Welsh food and drink industry, as it is such a key component of the Welsh economy.

“We are taking small steps on the route back out of lockdown, but they are crucial steps in our recovery and I’m sure Wales’ food and drink businesses will value the custom as they look to make the gradual journey back to pre-Covid 19 trading conditions.”   

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