Webinar highlights help for mental health

The importance of mental health and how to help those who are struggling has been highlighted at a webinar hosted by Cywain for food and drink producers.

The Welsh Government supported webinar for businesses and their staff highlighted the importance of mental health, particularly in the workplace.

Facilitated by Cywain, Menter a Busnes, the 'Mental Health Awareness Training' webinar was delivered by Welsh charity, The DPJ Foundation and was attended by Cywain clients from across the Welsh food and drink sector.  

It is estimated that one in four people will be affected by a mental health issue every year in the UK. In May, the Welsh Government reported that 42% of adults - over 1 million people - felt their mental health was worse now than it was before the pandemic.  

As restrictions start to ease, it is inevitable people will be experiencing the anxiety of going back to work, going out into public spaces or the potential for catching a new variant. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to learn how to spot the signs of poor mental health including in colleagues, friends and family and how to offer the right help and support. 

Dewi Evans, Cywain Project Manager said:

“As a project supporting the Welsh food and drink industry, we were very eager to raise awareness of the support available through The DPJ Foundation. This webinar encouraged us to be aware of our own mental health and indeed that of our colleagues.”

Delivered on-line, the webinar provided information on matters including:


  • What is mental ill health and how common is it?
  • How to spot the signs that someone is struggling
  • How to open up conversations with someone about how they are feeling
  • Suicide awareness and prevention
  • How to support someone with their mental health
  • Raising awareness of the support available and how to access it
  • Self-care tips to maintain your mental wellbeing or support others

Alison Lea-Wilson, Director at Halen Môn was one of the attendees at the webinar and says:

“Halen Môn is grateful to Cywain for organising training to raise awareness of mental health issues. During these difficult and unpredictable times the importance of supporting staff and looking after one’s own mental health cannot be overstated.

We have been inspired to work on staff wellbeing and will be using the useful links provided by the excellent trainer from The DPJ Foundation to help us.”

Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd, said: “This past year and a half has had an impact on us all and it is vital, now more than ever, people are able to really understand mental health, talk about our feelings and support others.

“It is important the relevant help is available on this vital matter and I am pleased this webinar has taken place for those in the food and drink sector.”







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