COVID-19 Food and Drink Wales

Levercliff Covid-19 Consumer Survey Findings - Issue 4

As the coronavirus situation changes across the UK, it is interesting to see how consumers are feeling and how they think their lives are changing.

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Tourism, hospitality and retail businesses: frequently asked questions (COVID-19)

Please note that the Tourism, Hospitality & Retail FAQs have now been updated with additional guidance on the new travel restrictions, further FAQs on alcohol sale restrictions, what to do if guests develop Covid-19 symptoms, and a new section covering ‘other questions’ receiving around seasonal markets and other matters.

Supporting recovery of businesses and supply chains from Covid-19

Covid-19 is impacting the Welsh food and drink sector hugely and threatens business survival. The Welsh Government, acting under the guidance and on the advice of the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board is taking action already to support the sector through the immediate impact and the first steps towards recovery. To achieve this we have a few, straight forward objectives:

1. Maximise the number of food and drink businesses that survive the immediate Covid-19 disruption and sustain supply chain networks within the sector and allied areas.

2. Minimise job losses in the sector.

3. Support the sector to recover as fast as possible and return to sales growth.

4. Focus support on market aligned solutions which take account of a changing trading landscape where there is also the additional risk of Brexit disruption.

5. Remain on a path to our long term strategic aims.


Please find document here: Covid Recovery Plan