Our Food and Drink Action Plan aims to help the long-established bakery sector in Wales to meet customer demand and address new challenges. We are encouraging the sector to invest in new product development, stressing the need to produce healthier food and addressing special dietary needs.

Investment in new products

Customer demand for bakery products remains strong. Some larger firms in this long-established industry distribute to national chains and larger retailers, but the industry faces new challenges. As a whole, the sector must continue to invest in new product development to keep pace with this demand, and there is also the need for more firms to produce food that meets the health agenda and special dietary needs.

Food and Drink Action Plan

Through the Food and Drink Action Plan, we’re engaging with the bakery industry to address a series of challenges, helping companies to keep up with customer demand and stay competitive. One of the important issues is the need to produce products for consumers with special dietary requirements such as halal food or gluten free products, and also foods containing less fat, sugar and salt. An ageing workforce and a reported lack of specific skills among young people entering the industry are also factors to be addressed.

Key Facts - Bakery Industry in Wales