The drinks industry in Wales is high performing, helping to place us at the forefront of the European drinks retail market. Mineral water sales exceed £15 million, and we have an international reputation for beer, cider, perry, wine and spirits, ranging from high profile, award-winning brands to small artisan producers.

Drinking to success

Growth of more than 6% in food and drink sales in 2013 makes Wales one of the best performing countries in the European food retail market – and the thriving Welsh drinks industry is a key component of this. The mineral water industry alone is worth £15 million, and Wales has a growing reputation for quality beers, cider, perry, wine and spirit brands produced by a diverse range of companies. These span high profile award-winning brands and small scale artisan producers selling to local pubs and direct to consumers at food festivals and other events.

Key Facts - Drinks Industry in Wales

Analysis and Overview of the Welsh Drinks Industry

This short report provides insight and detail into the drinks sub sector in Wales, from primary production through processing and distribution to retail. Specifically, the report provides a review of the companies in the sub sector, detailed employment and business activity statistics from ONS and FSA, consumer trends through a review of Kantar data and other industry sources and consultations. Finally, the report provides insight into business activity and opportunities through a selection of case studies.

Final Report



Drinks Wales

Building on success

In Wales we never rest on our laurels.  We're always striving to help producers improve quality and enhance the industry's profile.  So we want to ensure that we encourage even more successful drinks producers and processors, to make our drinks industry stand out even more.  We're doing this through Towards Sustainable Growth: An Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry 2014-2020 which aims to boost the food and drink industry in Wales by 30% by 2020.

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