Protected food names

The European Union Protected Food Name (EUPFN) Scheme

Protected designation of origin

The authenticity of distinctly Welsh food and drink products is now protected under European law. 

Notably, meat and dairy products from Wales enjoy this status in international markets, and we are working to grow the range of protected regional and traditional Welsh produce, giving companies advice on how to apply.

Traditional speciality guaranteed

Something for everyone

Protection is a vital component of a successful sector. It gives us exclusive rights to manufacture and sell produce – and at a premium price. Retailers and caterers can be assured of authenticity and provenance, and it gives them a point of difference against other products – also with the premium price tag to go along with it. And the consumer knows they are getting the genuine article, something whose heritage and tradition is proven.


Protected geographical indication

We’ve got it covered

The protection we receive under European law comes in a number of forms. Protected Design of Origin means that the product is produced, processed and prepared in one specific area – and if only one of those activities is carried out in the specific area, the product can still qualify for Protected Geographical Indication. And if it’s made to a traditional recipe or uses a traditional production method, it can qualify for Traditional Speciality Guaranteed.

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European Union Protected Food Name - An Introduction

The European Union Protected Food Name (EUPFN) Scheme was introduced in Europe in 1993 to protect food and drink products on a geographical or recipe basis. The scheme is covered by Regulation EU No 1151/2012. The Welsh Government Food Division support Welsh food and drink producers who want to investigate and apply for a protected food name (EUPFN) or geographical indicators (GI). There are currently 4 products with a EUPFN in Wales with many more in the stages of investigating and applying for a EUPFN.

Work was recently commissioned to better understand the value of EUPFN. This research showed that all the Welsh products achieving a EUPFN status in Wales have benefited from economic and socio-economic advantages and how EUPFN products have an advantage in accessing shelf space in retailers and by delivering a strong message assist the growth of the businesses associated.

European Union Protected Food Names Executive Summary