What does a Welsh Government Employer Engagement Officer have to offer your business?

Welsh Government Employer Engagement Officer can work with any type and size of business who have either recruited migrants or who are considering this new venture but have reservations over the process.
Avenues of support include:
•         Training sessions to give further information about employing Migrants.
•         Answering any questions that businesses may have and highlight the potential benefits of recruiting Migrants.
•         Enable businesses to expand their recruitment by connecting employers with organisations supporting Migrants to find candidates.
•         Guidance can be given to businesses to create paid placement schemes to bypass normal recruitment processes to level the playing field for sanctuary seekers.
•         Advice employers about other Welsh Government employability schemes which can be used when recruiting Migrants.
•         The Welsh Government Employer Engagement Officer can meet with businesses for informal updates at the post recruitment stages.
•         Businesses can have the opportunity of attending engagement events to learn more about other businesses experiences of recruiting migrants.
•         Join an online secure workspace to learn from other employers involved and to share knowledge.

Find out more:
If you would like to learn more and how they can help you to recruit excellent candidates to grow your business, please contact the Employment Engagement Officer please email refugees@gov.wales


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