UK Geographical Indication Scheme

Wales currently has 16 products with European Union Protected Food Name (EUPFN) status.

European Protected Names

We actively encourage and support applications from all sub sectors in Wales and work with UK Government and partners to promote this key programme of support to the Welsh food and drink industry.

A new UK Geographical Indication scheme (UKGI) will be established in the UK when the UK leaves the EU. This will include new logos and processes for applying and awarding GI status in the UK. This new scheme will mean that the UK meets the requirements to join the EUPFN scheme as a third country member and fulfil the UK’ s World Trade Organisation (WTO) obligations.

The schemes will have the same names as the current EU GI schemes:

  • Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
  • Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
  • Traditional Specialties Guaranteed (TSG)

All Existing UK products registered under EU GI schemes will automatically get UK GI status and will remain protected in the UK.

Producers seeking protection for new products will be able to apply to the relevant UK scheme. The schemes will be open to UK, EU and non-EU country producers.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will publish guidance on how to apply to the UK GI schemes in October 2019 and provides information about Food labelling changes after Brexit.

For information about applying for a UKGI or protected status please contact

Information regarding the European Protected Food Name Scheme is available here

Protected food names

Authentic Welsh food and drink products can be protected under European law